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Modifying Materials on Map (Sand and Gravel)

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Created21.12.2018 04:38

Lloyd Boyette (Unknown) 21.12.2018 04:38
Good evening all...

So for the past couple of days, GE, YouTube and Google have all failed me in finding a tutorial on how to modify / add / subtract materials such as Sand and Gravel on a map. I am dumbfounded on how this works. So far, other than the mentioned above, I recognize that it is somehow located in the "terrainHeightDetail" section of Foliage Painting in GE. I have attempted numerous combinations searching for the combination that works with Sand and Grave... however, to no avail. I have found pretty much every fruit in the book as well as others such as snow and fertilizer. No combination, so far, that I have found to work with Sand and Gravel.

Is there anyone here that can throw me a bone??

With respect,
Lloyd O Boyette

Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 21.01.2019 19:48
its like adding new fruit types, i've added 2 additional in mine, not hard, use sand or gravel as example, just remember when you create something "new" you have to have those files inside your map folder and point the file id to those locations.

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