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FS19 "controlGroups" help needed

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Created07.01.2019 05:43

Terry Lyle (Unknown) 07.01.2019 05:43
Can someone show me how to setup the controlGroups for FS19. Here's what I have so far.

<controlGroup name="$l10n_controlGroup_crane" />
<controlGroup name="$l10n_controlGroup_arm" />

When I load it in game, I don't get the "Change Tool" Button Y so I can't select second set of controles.
I'm using the <controls groupIndex="2" l10nName="label_arm" axis="AXIS_CRANE_ARM" invertAxis="true" mouseSpeedFactor="0.7" iconName="CRANE_ARM1_ROTATE_Y"/> in my xml. Please help...

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.01.2019 06:15
See for reference "data\vehicles\stepa\FHL13AK\FHL13AK.xml"

Also notice you must switch between control groups with TOGGLE_CONTROLGROUP , default key lCtrl-Y

Terry Lyle (Unknown) 08.01.2019 12:57
I still don't get it. Do I use the code below and link nodes to transforms in the id3 file. Like dummySecondArm and so forth.

<controlGroup name="$l10n_controlGroup_crane" />
<controlGroup name="$l10n_controlGroup_supportArm" />

<easyArmControl node="scTargetY" targetNodeZ="scTargetZ" rootNode="dummyMainArm" refNode="scTargetRef">
<xRotationNodes maxDistance="3.5">
<xRotationNode1 node="dummySecondArm" refNode="scSecondArm" />
<xRotationNode2 node="dummyThirdArm" refNode="scThirdArm" />
<zTranslationNode node="dummyFourthArm" />
<zTranslationNode node="dummyFifthArm" />

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