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semiattacherJoint Issue

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Created06.02.2019 11:53

Travis Cramer (Etherealphenix) 06.02.2019 11:53
I have a semiattacherJoint on my chevy 4500 Pickup. When I attach to certain trailers, the joint is stiff and offers no rotation or even picks the wheels of the trailer off the ground if my truck weighs more than the trailer. Any ideas what might be causing the issue. I removed all collisions from the vehicle to eliminate that. I also replaced with the attacherJoint from multiple other vehicles and neither fixed the issue. Thank you in advance.

Travis Cramer (Etherealphenix) 06.02.2019 23:02
Issue fixed. A member of the modding group I belong to figured it out. He added allowsLowering="false" to the attacher script.

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