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FS17 Terrain Issue on ModMap

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Created18.02.2019 19:24

David Erickson (dle0105) 18.02.2019 19:24
Hi, I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure this one out, so here goes...

I made a map a while ago and I just picked up the Platinum Expansion yesterday. I went to get my map ready for sugarcane and when I import the terrain from Goldcrest Valley something goes wrong, but there are NO errors. The image below shows what I am dealing with. I figured it was my map so I disabled all my scripts and mods and no difference was made. I then started a new map from scratch and the problem persists.

Plowing areas that are not fields causes the grass layer to show through the plow marks, and it makes plow marks show up nowhere near where I am plowing. Leaving the tractor and then trying to start plowing again just crashes the game with no errors.

Another thing is that seeding pre-cultivated land causes the terrain detail layer to disappear as if I just ran over it with the tool that lets you delete fields.

The image probably explains it better than I.

Any help is appreciated. I'd like to take advantage of this expansion on my custom map.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.02.2019 19:41
Which editor did you use for editing?
For the FS17 you must use the GE 7.xx - the GE 8.xx is for FS19 only.

David Erickson (dle0105) 18.02.2019 19:55
I am aware of that.

I don't have FS19 nor do I have the 8.xx even installed.

I'm using 7.1.0 with a build date of April 10, 2017.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.02.2019 20:18
I'm afraid your terrain import has confused the whole map.
Probably the layers were in a different order and usage than in your source map.

You could try to re-arrange the layers in a text editor by comparison of both maps.

David Erickson (dle0105) 19.02.2019 05:29
I have discovered the issue.

The problem was the ModMap.lua was adding in additional terrain angles that the new terrain did not support.

Once I prepared the map to accept more terrain angles, the problem was resolved.

When I get tired I make silly mistakes.

Thanks for trying, Bilbo!

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