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Placeable object animation looping fs17

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Created06.05.2020 22:05

Matt Abbott (Unknown) 06.05.2020 22:05
Is there any way to loop placeable object animations without script?
Animations are XML format, Will use trigger to start animation and then expect animation to run.

Matt Abbott (Unknown) 10.05.2020 03:51
Nobody can answer?

Matt Abbott (Unknown) 14.05.2020 18:51
Well i didn't realise this community was so dead.
Well over a week and not a single response.
Thanks for letting me know that there is absolutely no support for those who ask simple questions about modding the game

Not even "it cant be done"

Gtx | Andy (GtX_Andy) 13.08.2020 11:24
Hey Matt,

Unfortunately this forum is very dead given the out of date format and no Giants admins. It needs to be rebuilt in the same format as the community forum to get users back I am afraid. It has been sad to watch the decline since 2013 and after Emil Drefers left Giants it all but ended.

Without a script what you require is not possible sorry. Is there any reason you did not want to use a custom placeable type?

What type of animation did you want, just like a single rotation or more detailed?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.08.2020 19:38
Just a comment OT:
Not this forum or community is dead - but FS17 (and lower) has become obsolete and there are only few player/user remaining. Nobody will read what isn't of interest for himself.
And this forum doesn't need a new design, only a few improvements like text-formatting, url linkage, etc.
And for heavens sake: NOT the format like the general forum - this is style for smartphone kiddies and makes a forum nearly unreadable.

And special @Matt
If you don't get an answer, most probably nobody has one which is helpful. Or is a "Maybe, but I don't know" useful for you?

Gtx | Andy (GtX_Andy) 14.08.2020 04:31
Why do you always find the need to comment on posts that I make just to pass on a disagreement, myself and others do not find this helpful trust me.

You had 3 months to answer the OP's question but have only decided to comment now to disagree with me and this is not what the forum is about.

On a side note also, the forum participation is way down since I joined in FS11/13 days and this is because of the dated format, size 6 font and for example there is no support for a smartphone user which would allow people like myself to respond easier and contribute even if in hospital or remote areas away from a computer.

I have finally had the chance and internet to be able to access the forums again after many months and I just wish to help people not argue in every thread I post in, it really does not make me want to log in and post anything.

There is enough arguing and disagreements in the world so lets keep it out of this and all forums hey so it is an enjoyable experience for all. ;-)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.08.2020 08:51
This forum is not for you alone and you have to get used to the fact that other people have different opinions and express them.
It is complete nonsense if you claim that I comment all your posts, it is just this one. But if someone writes rubbish, one shouldn't leave it unchallenged.

About the forum style: this is called a "developer" forum. It is supposed to be informative and doesn't need any superfluous frills that only make reading difficult.

Gtx | Andy (GtX_Andy) 14.08.2020 10:17
You are more than entitled to your opinion like everyone in the world. However I fail to see what benefit your post provided to the OP's original question!
Just because you disagreed with my view does not mean you needed to make a comment. What you added after my post provided no benefit to the OP at all and was purely based on your emotion and clutters the topic.

Remember the old saying only speak when you have something useful or important to say.
I respect your view, but I still do not understand why you posted now when you ignored the OP's question for 3 Months?

This is my last post directed to you at all, I will just be ignoring them from now on as it is counter productive and to date has never served to answer the original question from the poster.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.08.2020 16:55
Also my last words in this topic:
1. so far I have read, YOU have begun drifting OT by moaning about community, forum style and management. And what you said, did you constitute as fact instead opinion. Don't wonder if someone controverts.
2. I don't know why you blame me not to have answered the initial post. Can't you guess yourself? I'm far away from FS17 since FS19 release (nov18) and can't remember exactly some features/details. May I cite yourself: "only speak when you have something useful or important to say"

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