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Created20.09.2021 16:31

Michael Walker (dolfin2) 20.09.2021 16:31
I'm struggling to find lua documentation on animals in FS17. I'm trying to create a mod to alter the rates at which animals create dirt. Amending the DirtToDrop only seems to stop the "dirt" dropping in front of the troughs, but food consumption still drops at the same speed as if the dirt were still being dropped. Can anyone point me to the variables that I need to alter to change the rate at which food is converted to dirt? Thanks

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.09.2021 20:18
The wanted values should be in the tables "g_currentMission.husbandries.{cow|pig|sheep}.animalDesc" (no warranty).

Michael Walker (dolfin2) 21.09.2021 15:01
Thanks - that was helpful. The value is dirtFillLevelPerDay although animal Cleanliless seems to be a relative factor to dirtFillLevelPerDay - so reducing dirtFillLevelPerDay, then less dirt will flag an animal as unclean. This creates a complication when trying to adjust food consumption and dirt production rates at night time vs day time - but I've the info I need to work on this now :)

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