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Grass showing in game but not in GE

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Created09.02.2022 16:34

Dave Maloney (sebmoc) 09.02.2022 16:34
I am finding this one a bit of a 'poser'. Playing with my maps I had so many copies of the same map in different stages of editing that I lost track of where I was. It got so far that they would not work and I had thousands of 'fieldutil' entrties and could not figure it out so I went through and found a stable workable map then deleted all but two.

I am at a point that I have, partially done, as I had to replace terrain in total then mix and match, that I have a working map with grass in pastures etc. in game but trying to edit in GE there is no grass visible.

This map of mine has been ongoing for ages as I play the map as well as build it. I do not wish to start aging for this reason.

Are there any pointers someone could give me as I am sure it is only a setting or some to fix this problem.

Any help apart from the obvious suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Just thinking, but could there be some sort of setting in GE itself? I have been looking for and loading maps as I find them but no grass visible in any of them in GE.

Dave Maloney (sebmoc) 11.02.2022 10:18
True to form! If you are looking for help then why bother coming here? As usual, no one bothers!

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