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How do I play my map?

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Created29.03.2023 16:52

Sander Kamphuis (Sanderk35) 29.03.2023 16:52
I made a map, but I don't know how I can put it in FS19. Can someone help me?

Javier Gonzalez (javi2928) 30.03.2023 03:29
Grab the files then make it in a zip file then make it fs19_ what ever you want then put in mods folder

Sander Kamphuis (Sanderk35) 30.03.2023 10:33
Thank you

Sander Kamphuis (Sanderk35) 30.03.2023 10:39
I just found out that you don't even need to make it an zip file

Javier Gonzalez (javi2928) 30.03.2023 16:43

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