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Created02.10.2023 11:14

Martin Gibbs (martin1512) 02.10.2023 11:14
Hi. Is there a step by step guide anywhere that tells you how to create transport missions on a mod map? I am playing the Bjornholm 2k20 map and it doesn't have any transport missions. I have looked at the Ravenport transport missions .xml and I have worked out how to create new missions in the .xml but what I don't know how to do is to create the mission trigger points for pick up and drop off points on the map. Where do I find instructions on how to do this in plain English, or is there anyone on here who can tell me how to do it please? I am using Giants Editor 8.2.2.

Many thanks, Martin

Robert Mcnicol (Earth2020) 18.10.2023 14:40
Since you figured how to change and used the Transport Missions.xml then you are way ahead of the game. Took me ages to figure that out.
Simply put...

I created a Deep Forest Mod map from the New Mod from Game function in GE 8.2.2 and in in the Screen Graph Ravenport folder click on the GamePlay and in there is the Transport point mission triggers. 12 in total. Just place them where you want on the map making sure you rotate the Blue arrow of the Mission Trigger facing where you want your fork lift to access the area.

You can rename the Trigger points in the missions.xml so Forest Port, Forest Lumber yard etc. The Game Engine then decides how they are shuffled. So in xml I have say 11 Mission Pickup points that go to Number 12 mission point which is the Forest Port Area. Hope this helps.

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