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semiattacherJoint Issue

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Created06.02.2019 11:54

Travis Cramer (Etherealphenix) 06.02.2019 11:54
I have a semiattacherJoint on my chevy 4500 Pickup. When I attach to certain trailers, the joint is stiff and offers no rotation or even picks the wheels of the trailer off the ground if my truck weighs more than the trailer. Any ideas what might be causing the issue. I removed all collisions from the vehicle to eliminate that. I also replaced with the attacherJoint from multiple other vehicles and neither fixed the issue. Thank you in advance.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.02.2019 15:47
Examine a standard vehicle xml and i3d.
In xml you see the required additional attributes <attacherJoint ... >
In i3d you see the right orientation of the attacher joint.

Travis Cramer (Etherealphenix) 06.02.2019 19:10
Thank You for the response. I checked it again just to be sure. The orientation is correct. When I had the issue first, I exported the attacherJoint from a semi in game and applied it matching the vehicle it came from. Same effect. Certain goosenecks it attaches fine, others its stiff. I have tried at this point, 13 attacherJoints from 13 different vehicles, ranging from in game to mods that I know that work.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.02.2019 21:33
Check your xml for right setup of each <attacherJoint .. > attributes by comparing with standard vehicles.

Also make sure all node="name" match with <i3dMapping id="name" node="i3dNode" />
There are perhaps i3d nodes shifted by your edits.

Travis Cramer (Etherealphenix) 06.02.2019 23:01
A member of the modding group I belong to figured it out. We added allowsLowering="false" to the attacher script and all was right. TY all for the help .

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