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Created10.02.2019 21:30

Chugaev Vyacheslav Valerevich (SlavaRus) 10.02.2019 21:30
Hello ! I have a problem , today I wanted to transfer the map to a new game from the old version 17, but the editor faced some problem with the file fruit_density.gdm . The fact is that when you copy this file to the fashion folder of the map under the new editor , it is loaded to the black screen, but if you take this file for example from the standard map of the 19th version of the game, then everything is fine . I understand the editor does not recognize the culture from the old version of the game, is it possible in any way to change/convert this type of file for a new editor/game without planting crops on the new one ? If there is something to do all this ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.02.2019 22:15
You can convert the GDM to a PNG with the grleConverter (available here on downloads).
The PNG you can edit with a usual paint program.
Then delete the old GDM and replace with the new PNG. The editor will convert the PNG to a GDM.

Beneath you should always use the latest Giants Editor, Vs. 8.0 is obsolete.

Chugaev Vyacheslav Valerevich (SlavaRus) 11.02.2019 19:33
Well I tried to convert to .png and B.grle , but the editor never saw my work he's just created a new file sisty vegetation , the same happens with the marking of the fields have any other options do You have ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.02.2019 22:35
hmm - I thought it would work in the new GE 8.1
You could (temporarily) rename the .gdm to .png in the map.i3d.
Or you start a new career - the game accepts .png instead .gdm and should convert it to .gdm at saving.

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