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Created13.02.2019 15:24

Travis Cramer (Etherealphenix) 13.02.2019 15:24
This is probably an easy fix but I'm still learning. I was making my mirror on my Chevy 4500 mod reflect. When I applied the material and linked it to the xml in the FS19 $data folder, it reflects beautifully but the image is upside down. What would I have to adjust to flip the reflection image 180 degrees. here is my code:

<Material name="mirrorsReflect" materialId="47" diffuseColor="0 0 0 1" specularColor="0 1 1" customShaderId="62">
<Reflectionmap lodDistanceScaling="0.5" viewDistanceScaling="0.5" type="planar" scaling="1" refractiveIndex="10" bumpScale="0.1" shapesObjectMask="4294967295" lightsObjectMask="4294967295"/>
<CustomParameter name="reflectionScale" value="2 0 0 0"/>

and customShader link is this:

<File fileId="62" filename="$data/shaders/mirrorShader.xml"/>

Thank you in advance for any help given.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.02.2019 21:07
Examine the mirrors of a standard vehicle in i3d.
Your TGs should have the same orientation (rotations).

Travis Cramer (Etherealphenix) 14.02.2019 01:41
TG? Sorry. Do you mean Transform group. I cannot rotate this Mirror because it is a custom shape. Also I discovered it is also reflecting what is in front of truck, not behind as well as upside down.

Travis Cramer (Etherealphenix) 14.02.2019 01:56

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