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Custom Chick Egg Box + Sheep Wool Pallet

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Created14.02.2019 21:39

Paul Laverick (Unknown) 14.02.2019 21:39
Is it possible to make a mod to change the egg box and wool pallet?

I have found the following line in the husbandry XML file:

<config startNode="0|2|0|0" widthNode="0|2|0|0|0" heightNode="0|2|0|0|1" fillType="EGG" filename="$data/objects/pallets/eggBox/eggBox.xml" fillUnitIndex="1"/>

But what ever I do, I cannot make it point to the mod folder. It seems stuck to the games data folder.
I have tried "$moddir" but that doesn't work. I think the game is hardcoded to use the game data directory?

Any help would be great. It would be a shame that you can't MOD that part of the animal pens.
I have successfully modded the pallet spawn area for the sheep to make it larger, but I really want to alter the capacity, but again, its the folder structure issue!

Many thanks

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.02.2019 23:57
Already in your other thread I've recommanded to try with the XMLs all together in your mod's root folder.
So that you have in your custom husbandry.xml <config ... filename="myEggBox.xml"
If THAT doesn't work write a bug ticket to Giants.

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