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3rd person vehicle camera not working in mod map

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Created15.02.2019 13:43

Damian Coffey (Unknown) 15.02.2019 13:43
Hi, I have an issue which my modding partners using the same map are not experiencing - it seems only to be me.

We have a mod map, and when i enter a vehicle where the default 3rd person camera should commence, i just look at the side of the car, i can accelerate, but the car dosent move. If i change to first person mode, the camera correctly works in first person, except when i move the came to look out the left or right windows, the game freezes until i return the camera to looking straight on.

If i teleport into a vehicle, the camera stays whereever i am on the map, but the speedo and driving hud appears. i can accelerate, but nothing happens on screen unles i change to first person mode.

It only happens on my mod map. and appears to be some local setting. I did a fresh install, and deleted all profile files etc, but it hasnt helped.

Anyone got any ideas?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.02.2019 17:11
Errors with camera or even crashes can occur if the map doesn't have a waterplane. So make sure your map has one.

Else there might be conflicts between mods. Take out all mods which use proprietary display. Compare your mod configurations with those of your "modding partners".

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