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Farmhouse not placeable

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Created15.02.2019 16:18

Pete Johnson (Diguelo) 15.02.2019 16:18
In a number of maps, you cannot place a purchased Farmhouse from the garage. The item stays RED while you scan over every piece of owned ground. New ly bought, New farmer, Farm Manager, scratch, none of these allow or generates a farm house.

Pretty pathetic really releasing a gamne in November and it still gets major bugs at the end of February. I must get into this method of making money, on sale today a new game its still in alpha, only exists in my head but im taking pre sales now. As a programmer myself Ive never released any software to clients in Beta form.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.02.2019 17:02
LOL - You call yourself "programmer"? So you should know that moaning without detailed infos is useless. A bug report needs facts to reconstruct a failure.
So what about "number of maps"? Anyhow, in the default Giants' maps ONE farmhouse can be placed. The 'ghosted' structure remains red on 'illegal' places only.
- no other farmhouse exists
- you own the farmland
- the terrain can be leveled
- you have enough money for building and terrain leveling

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