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Created17.02.2019 16:09

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 17.02.2019 16:09
I am trying to add bunker Silos to my map but I am having a problem with the chaff bleeding through the walls of the silo. I have all the collisions set just like the in game bunkers an it works fine with the placeable I made but when I add it to my farm and put the .xml in the items.xml to load at start up the bunker will not hold the chaff in. Here are some screen shots to see.


Any ideas?


Christian (Scharphorn) 13.08.2019 10:07

Just to add a little more to this issue.

I have tested this with the ingame bunkers on several modded maps from ingame hub now.
On all maps the default bunkers also has issues with accepted fruits bleeding through the walls.

I will think that if you test your bunker on a default map, the issue will not be there.

Tested with the 360 bunkers mod, as its like default, just with less degrees turning.
I have also tested other masks sadly with same outcome. This is even with full collision mask ffffffff.

This is just what i have found out until now.

Hope anyone else got some great ideas to this, and maybe Giants can pitch in with something?

Christian (Scharphorn) 13.08.2019 11:41
Just to close this one off.

I have figured out it was the maps_fruitTypes.xml that had something to do with it.

When i copied the maps_fruitTypes.xml from the $data\maps folder and used that in a map, that didn't have other then standard fruit collision worked on default bunkers in a modded map.

Haven't compared the content of the maps_fruitTypes.xml, but guessing some numbers in it were different, which created that issue.

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