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Created18.02.2019 14:44

Lanzo Duhayon (Unknown) 18.02.2019 14:44
I can not put other texture (like roughdirt, beachsand, ...) than grass on my map (there is only grass on the map for now). Do you have a solution?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.02.2019 15:34
1. what do you mean exactly? are the textures not available in scrolldown-menu "Texture Layer"? or does the painting not work?

2. any errors in GE log?

3. check the map.i3d (in text editor) <TerrainTransformGroup> <Layers> <Layer name="..." there the terrain textures should appear. Check also proper assignment of detailMapId and normalMapId - these Id refer to <Files> <File fileId - make sure these files are present and the path is correct.

or aren't you talking about editor, but the ingame landscaping tool?

Lanzo Duhayon (Unknown) 18.02.2019 18:25
I'm talking about the editor, it's the painting that does not work but they're avalaible in scrolldown-menu "Texture Layer". Apparently, there are no errors in GE log. The textures appear well in map.i3d. I also have this problem with other sample mod maps but when I open a finished map, I do not have the problem. I tried to reinstall giants editor but it did not fix the problem. Do you have a sample mod map to advise me?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.02.2019 19:01
I'd recommand the Giants map "Estancia Lapacho" (available on Giants ModHub).
Additionally test with one standard map (mapDE/US) by loading into GE and make a "new mod from game".

Also make sure the map folder/content is not write protected or secured otherwise (eg. by Windows UAC).
As 'working directory' you should use a neutral folder, not controlled by Win UAC/DEP.

Lanzo Duhayon (Unknown) 18.02.2019 21:05
Thank you very much, sometimes the textures work, it's curious ! Thank you for your advice, I will try with Estancia Lapacho like sample mod map.

William B (parzival) 18.02.2019 21:11
working 4x empty map no errors check out shywizard youtube on how to import terrains etc from other maps,

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