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Created26.02.2019 23:58

Cole Johnson (Unknown) 26.02.2019 23:58
How can I make buildings show up if I want to play at the medium or hard difficulty? I have pre positioned farms but I do not want to play on easy. I can't seem to find anywhere to edit so that the buildings show up. I switched my farm items xml to mapBoundId but when I save and reload the game, it causes errors for the farm buildings. Thanks in advance!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.02.2019 06:02
If you declare a 'mapBoundId'
- this must match the label in i3d
- is meant for objects that have no specified owner (resp. access for everyone).

Should work if you leave the items as-it-is and merely delete the attribute 'defaultFarmProperty' (but keep the 'farmId').

Cole Johnson (Unknown) 27.02.2019 21:23
I have tried that, and everything works perfect when I start a new game. When I save, exit, and come back to the game I get lua errors. For example on a new save game I can dump wheat into the silo. If I save, exit, and reload and try and dump more wheat it tells me that wheat is not excepted here.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.02.2019 22:49
I have no idea why it shouldn't work. Perhaps a mod causes a conflict? Take out all mods and try again.

Björn Gottschalk (bgo1973) 03.03.2019 19:09
Don't declare as "mapBoundId". Just set defaultFarmProperty="false".

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