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Locking Up But Not Errors In Log

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Created02.03.2019 22:01

Christopher Kimball (FunnyFarmGaming) 02.03.2019 22:01
Okay, guys, this one is stumping me. I have a new map that I have been working on and in the southeast corner of the map, if I drive a vehicle in that area the map locks up, but only if I am outside the vehicle. If I am on the inside, it is fine and if I am walking it is fine. There is nothing in the log at all. It does it with modded and stock tractors, with mods and with no mods, and I can not seem to find any reason for it.

Any help or ideas to check? I am seriously stumped and the map is nearly ready for release.



Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.03.2019 22:34
Does your map have a (main) waterplane? If not, add one.

Christopher Kimball (FunnyFarmGaming) 02.03.2019 23:23
It does but I will check it and make sure the attributes are correct. Thanks for the thought.

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