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Created05.03.2019 06:44

James Wagner (jamesawag) 05.03.2019 06:44
dataS/scripts/fieldJobs/FieldManager.lua(541) : attempt to index a nil value

I have rebuilt my field 3 times starting with the base maps fields everything seems to be correct yet after playing for a while on the map this will pop up and you lose control of what ever vehicle you are in for a minute. then it is fine for a while again. Google is pointless as I have already searched for it there. It is being thrown from a lua we have no access to so I am stumped as to the fix for this.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.03.2019 11:18
The field isn't setup properly. Missing or wrong values or attributes. Compare with a default field.

James Wagner (jamesawag) 05.03.2019 20:27
the only difference between the base map and mine is in the fieldAgnle attributes. mine all said 90. they are also all more or less square fields. the base map has some at 0, 90 and 45. I am going to try and set mine all to 0 and see if i can recreate the error. The map is finished so if i can clear this up it will be error free. EDIT...Ok is there some sort of flow chart for setting fields..... this is gone past the point of annoying. I set them all to 0... threw the error set some to 0 some to 90 near the edges... threw the error. Field #1 came straight from the base ravenport map so if its wrong then its wrong for giants as well. This ia a 4x multifruit map and this is the only error on the entire map with the exception of a couple texture erros the server point out and will be fixed.

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