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Created05.03.2019 21:33

Larry Horse (Larry) 05.03.2019 21:33
Made a combine ported it to FS 19 and it works ...But sometime it will go backward by itself and will keep going till it hit something substantial with a collision. There are no errors in the log, collision masks are correct, solverIterationCounts seem to be right. I even did the standing on flat ground console vehicle test, that was within reason.WTF?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.03.2019 02:46
Do you have game controller(s) connected?
Then make sure, these are calibrated and give no signal in rest position. Check in Windows controller properties - test.
Alternatively you might enhance the dead zones significantly.

Larry Horse (Larry) 07.03.2019 06:48
No, it's not like that, It will go backward like 80 mph and there is no controlling it.. Sometimes it even flies. But I will try it with just a keyboard. That did not accrue to me.I'm still thinking there is something with collision masks. Thanx for a thought....

I'm pretty sure It's possessed is spreading all over my drive E and I'm convinced it got to VRMs and audio control 'cause it whispers things. Things I can not repeat. It got to GPU too. Now shows raytracing in Battlefield V. Nothing helps, priest, ran away. Can't use holy water (It's a computer...) Is there a holy powder? Electricity is looking funny at me out of the outlets. The dog bit me and won't come out from under the bed. Strange, it's not even my dog.
Is there any help?... or should I start building a launch vehicle to evacuate the damned computer from this planet?

P.S When I'm trying to delete it I get a message that I have such a nice dog and would be a shame if something happened to it (I don't even know now how many dogs I 've got now and I was pretty good at that)

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