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modify reward transportation mission ?

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Created08.03.2019 00:02

Regis Bily (dragon500) 08.03.2019 00:02

I tried to modify the rewards for the transport missions as well as the fields. but that did not change the earnings.
example i have edit:
rewardScale = "1.4 in rewardScale =" 3.1 but that did not give anything
i have edit this line too:
<mission name = "LUGGAGE HOTEL" rewardScale = "2.0" npcName = "NPC_DE_06">
<mission name = "LUGGAGE HOTEL" rewardScale = "3.0" npcName = "NPC_DE_06">
but that does not change anything either ???
So I come to you for two questions?
1- can we change the gains of transport missions and fields?
2 -If you could explain to me how it works?
thank you in advance.

Kai Huneke (Unknown) 19.03.2019 14:43
Is the Link in your map.xml actually linked to the transportMissions.xml you modified?

Regis Bily (dragon500) 20.03.2019 20:41
Yes : <transportMissions filename="scripts/mapDE_transportMissions.xml" />

Unknown 03.05.2020 17:05
Did you check whether rewardScale attribute works on dropoffTrigger or pickupTrigger?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.05.2020 17:48
I 'd assume, after more than one year he has found out what's wrong. *g*

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