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Created20.03.2019 07:48

Bjørn Brynildsen (prawler) 20.03.2019 07:48

I know trhat this is not the place to ask, but i have posted on Giants Forum, but no answer.

So, i take my chances here.

When will we be able to use the trains in multiplayer/dedicated servers?

Best regards

Phillip Lund (wopper1) 13.04.2019 09:42
you already can, you just have to catch and enter it manually. Tabbing to trains is disabled in MP

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 31.03.2020 13:35
I have the opposite question. Is it possible to disable the ability to turn on switch to trains in single player. For example if I want my train to work like a train (drive around, activate crossings) but not be accessible? I figured out how to move the enter node so you cant jump on the train, however if switch to train is enabled in the settings menu, you can still get on that way.

Gtx | Andy (GtX_Andy) 02.04.2020 09:13
*double post removed

Gtx | Andy (GtX_Andy) 02.04.2020 09:13
Hey Bd,

Long time no talk, Is this something you wanted to have as part of a map or did you want it as a mod in your mod folder for any map you play?
If you want to build it in do you want it only to apply to some trains on the map or to all of them?

Feel free to message me here or on Discord bud,


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