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density.gdm resizing

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Created23.03.2019 04:03

William B (parzival) 23.03.2019 04:03
I am trying to increase the size of the density gdm files,
I converted in grle
added to the maps/map folder and deleted the matching gdm file.
changes the I3d to png,
start editor save and close.
put gdm back in grle did not change, still same old original size.
I have tried over and over, and can not seem to get the file to change, yet the file is deleted and created from the png,
2 files changed the rest will not.
thanks in advance for any and all help

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.03.2019 17:23
It's not sufficient to resize the gdm/png files. The dimensions must match the size attributes in i3d. You'll find them under <TerrainTransformGroup>.

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