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Created23.03.2019 15:32

Kurt Müller (Unknown) 23.03.2019 15:32
Hello everybody!

I'm trying for 2 days to install the FarmSilo on a map. It can be installed, however, has no function. Scripts are all right and should work too. Also does not work an ingame placeable silo! Since the last update of FS19. Please check once or suggest a solution

Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 23.03.2019 17:50
does the xml point to the trigger?

Kurt Müller (Unknown) 23.03.2019 18:30
No, everything is fine

Kurt Müller (Unknown) 23.03.2019 18:32
No, everything is fine

Sosnin Sergei (serdak) 01.04.2019 19:16
I have a problem. I put farmSiloSmall for the 1st difficulty, the object is on the map icon, but does not work. log shows Error: Running LUA method 'update'.

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