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Created28.03.2019 17:19

Daniel 2 (OcciRS2) 28.03.2019 17:19

sorry at first. My english is not the best but i do what i can.

Its a "simple" problem, i hope.

At moment i have make new 3d-Models as traffic cars. So i have open my map, have change the path for "mapDEtraffic.xml" to the mod folder. After this i have create a new "mapDEtraffic.xml". In This file i have adjust the path to the new model. After this i have adjust the paths to collision, traffictrigger, wheels. The lights i have excluded with <!-- --> respectively i have delet them. So i have add the colour tag.

I have make some ingame tests but the problem remains

if the car drive, you only can see it over pressing f5. if the car stands ist fully visible.

Problem to. if the car stay, the left forwardwheel is invasible.

I wrote Giants a mail but they did not want met because its a mod. So i hope anyone can help me.

if wanted i upload my mod as a zip an the mapDEtraffic.xml

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.03.2019 22:56
I've tried with arbitrary models from game and it works.
So your self-created models must have an incompatibility which is responsible for wrong display.

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