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[BUG?] Slurry Front tank: FillUnits doesn't combine + Workmode after emptying

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Created28.03.2019 22:39

Hehe Hehe (noNaim) 28.03.2019 22:39
Giants has just forgotten to put the turnOffIfNotAllowed="true" Attribute in every manureBarrels except for the Joskin Modulo.


I have a very odd problem to ingame the Goma front tank i did in FS17 for FS19. It was easy to set up properly in 17 but I can't seem to get it working in FS19
I set it up as fillableImplement, like other fronttanks. I also tried setting it up as manureBarrel with an activatableFillUnit but that didn't help.
My two problems are, that the fillUnits doesn't combine, which means I have to restart the workmode if the fronttank gets empty, and secondly that I'm not abled to turn off the workmode after the fronttank got empty. Those two problems depend on the following usecases:

Heres some cases:
1) using with liquidfertilizer --> everything works fine (stops working if empty, fillunits combine)
2) using with liquidmanure/ digestate and using the josking modul2: --> stops working if empty, but fillunits doesn't combine
3) using with liquidmanure/ digestate and using other manure barrels: --> doesn't stop working if empty and fillunits doesn't combine

----- Here are the main xml-Tags of the tank ----

<vehicle type="fillableImplement">

<fillUnit unit="$l10n_unit_literShort" fillTypeCategories="slurryTank" capacity="3000" >
<dashboard displayType="ANIMATION" valueType="fillLevel" animName="fillLevelDisplay" />
<exactFillRootNode node="exactFillRootNode" />
<fillTrigger consumePtoPower="false"/>

<fillTriggerVehicle triggerNode="fillTrigger" fillUnitIndex="1" litersPerSecond="300"/>

<sprayer allowsSpraying="false"/>

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.03.2019 22:59
IIRC there are additional tanks in default game.
Compare your mod with these and you should get it.

Hehe Hehe (noNaim) 29.03.2019 07:55
Yep I know. The tank is set up like the aditional tanks in default game and as I wrote above everything is working fine when I use my tank for liquidfertilizer, but however when I try to use it with manure tanks I got those two problems.

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