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Missing Sell Point after making small edits

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Created05.04.2019 05:04

Zach Elwood (Unknown) 05.04.2019 05:04
I have a few Maps I edited a bit to remove some trees and smooth out some land. After I edit the map I but not very many edits overall. After I load the map the selling points are missing. In this case I haven't moved or edited anything when it comes to the selling points. I admit I am a super noob at the GE map editing and only need to fix the selling to points so I can actually make some money. I don't know what I've done to lose the selling points. can anyone take pitty on me and guide me through this?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.04.2019 15:14
Since nobody (except yourself) can know what you have 'edited', it's quite impossible to give concrete hints.
Maybe you have screwed up the map. A few 'minor changes' would not influence gameplay.

For test start a new game/career and check the selling points. If they are working, only your savegame isn't compatible anymore.
If not, you must adapt the map's defaultItems.xml.

If you don't know how, forget it. Restore a backup you hopefully have.

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