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Created19.04.2019 16:06

Frenk Klec (frenk100) 19.04.2019 16:06
Как сделать чтобы терраин поддерживал текстуры на 2048х2048? Я хочу поставить свои текстуры на терраин с FS17. Текстуры с разрешением 512х512 очень плохие.

How to make terrain support textures at 2048x2048? I want to put my textures on terrain with FS17. Textures with a resolution of 512x512 are very bad.

Bartek Perkowski (Unknown) 20.04.2019 11:42
You have to replace every terrain texture with 2048 textures - I think there isn't any other option to do that

Frenk Klec (frenk100) 20.04.2019 16:37
Я ставлю текстуру 2048х2048 и при открытии карты, терраин черный где должна быть текстура.

I put the texture 2048x2048 and when opening the card, terrain is black where the texture should be.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.04.2019 17:54
Are you aware that a 2048 size has 16x area against 512 and needs appropriate video ram?
It will reduce performance massively and people with low/mid systems are perhaps not able to play at all.
It has certain reasons that Giants uses a size of 512.

If you although want to try, you must adapt the values in i3d accordingly: <TerrainTransformGroup> and each <Layer>

William Dallagnoll (samsung) 15.05.2020 03:14
Hello, could someone help me, I am building a 16x map and I want to use the textures weight.png (s) for 8192 x 8192 to improve the painting of the terrain. Except that I'm having problems with lag in the game when I go to pick the fruits. There is some way to keep the texture size and end the game crash.

Unknown 18.05.2020 17:28
I think if you use textures in 8192x8192 then it is logical you will get lag. Keep in mind the game engine needs to process these textures, and 8192x8192 is really big!

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