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Giants Editor 8.1 shading problem,

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Created23.04.2019 23:07

T*** M***** (Degusan) 23.04.2019 23:07

When I load mods to edit they are always in wireframe mode each part clicked shows seperately (shaded is selected in drop down menu) I am using win 7 64, my pc is an i7 16gb ram gtx970 gc. I have tried re install etc chose every setting nothing changes. I have seen vids on youtube of it working so I know it is possible. It makes it impossible to move individual parts for alignment.

Does anyone know a solution?

I have searched the forum so I do appologise if I am repeating the question.

Schoyer Gaylord (Unknown) 24.04.2019 01:33
bonsoir vous serai me mire pourquoi je sais pas allez sur gisants Editor sa me mes tjrs gisants Edition 8.0.0 a cassé de fonctionner

T*** M***** (Degusan) 24.04.2019 13:05

I figured it out, I have two installation folders of steam one on C: where FS19 is installed and one on E: with other games. The editor for some reason does not find the C: installation but trys to utilise the the non existanct files of FS19 on E: Duplicated the FS19 files and it works. This did not happen however with the version 8.0 or 7.1 editors.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.04.2019 23:06
The reason is that you didn't install the FS game properly (as administrator).
Due to that the registry couldn't be updated and the path to game isn't specified.

Check your GE Preferences for proper setup of the game install path.

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