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Created25.04.2019 01:44

Chris Paynter (peifarmer) 25.04.2019 01:44
I am having trouble getting the grle converter to work. it downloads fine from giants website and I can convert the sample gdm but not the ones from my map from 2017

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.04.2019 02:31
Create a work directory which isn't supervised by the Windows UAC, eg. "C:\FS_temp". Don't use folder names with spaces or non-ASCII (foreign) characters.
Into this folder you copy the "grleConverter.exe" and "grleConvert.cmd" and your .grle file. Drag and drop the .grle onto the "grleConvert.cmd".

Chris Paynter (peifarmer) 25.04.2019 23:13
that worked perfect. I just made a new folder in c drive and put the converter in there

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