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Friend Sees Orgianal Felsbrunn Not My edited one

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Created29.04.2019 01:45

Unknown 29.04.2019 01:45
Hi I'm new to moding maps on fs19 so I did A little modding of felsbrunn map. I changed some fields, farmlands, terrain elevation and traffic. Everything Works fine for me but when my friend joins the server he sees the Orginal map terrain. but when he walks around he walks on my edited map terrain. so where my map goes down in elevation compared to the original he will go under ground on his screen. Its hard for me to fix this cause it doesn't happen for me only him. does this make sense?

Rok Perenič (themapguy) 04.05.2019 13:49
If you want to change original map you have to make it a mod

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