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game locks up 1.3 patch

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Created09.05.2019 10:18

John Pako (logic321) 09.05.2019 10:18
I am playing on map Marwell Manor Farm. I removed all my mods and just left map in mods folder. I also have Anderson DLC pack which I also unticked. but in game soon as I go to scroll through my animal menu to check what feed they require or water the game just locks up. no error in log. so only way back to desktop is for me to say sign out

anyone got any idea why. as its baffling me as to why. I will of course try another map say a default one to check if I get same problem

EDIT: just tried again on a default map and bought some cows and pigs, went to animal menu to check for there food and water just started scrolling though and again game locks up

it seems a few are having this problem

can anyone help to fix this

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.05.2019 14:22
Since most others don't have these problems, it's most probably caused by individual system configuration.

What is known to disturb several games:
- cloud storage like OneDrive, Steam-Cloud, .. and similar.
- utilities which access the gfx card directly - like Steam-Overlay, Nvidia Experience, AMD Gaming App, .. but also frame-recorder, GPU tuners, ...
- strange input/game controllers, cordless may cause problems
- intensive live malware checkers

Look into tasklist (of Windows task monitor). For first tests disable/kill all tasks which are suspicious. If you don't know about meaning ask Google.

For tests run a default map without mods to exclude influence by faulty mods.

John Pako (logic321) 09.05.2019 17:38
I think you will find others do have this problem, look here and one is Decker_MMIV who has made many mods too. he also said this

I can confirm this "crash" happening, on default map without mods.
Here is a zip of my savegame (~4 MB).

Using patch, load the savegame, then navigate to the animals screen, and use only mouse to scroll up/down in the list of animal pens and click randomly at the rows in the scrollable panel. - At some point, the game 'locks up' ("Not responding").

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.05.2019 19:43
I've tried to reproduce the error, but here is all fine.

John Pako (logic321) 10.05.2019 10:33
well as you can see in that link i sent you there are a few who have the error

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.05.2019 21:29
Yes - and all I can say is: here at mine I don't have these failures.
So it must be caused by a specific system configuration.

Beneath the possibilities I've mentioned above try also (for test)
- disable FS autosave
- disable internet connection

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.05.2019 15:48
Today I could reconstruct successfully the failure.
It seems to happen at animal reproduction, but only if you are online.
I'd assume for reporting game achievement the FS wants to contact a Giants' server and if doesn't respond in certain time the game freezes.

Because I play offline mostly, I didn't notice it earlier.

John Pako (logic321) 16.05.2019 12:02
Well I never play online always offline, and it locks up

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