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Created09.05.2019 19:23

Patrick Freye (Unknown) 09.05.2019 19:23

how can I get the current weather (SUN, CLOUDY, RAIN) per LUA?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.05.2019 19:46
See LUADOC -> weather -> WeatherTypeManager

The game variables and functions are somewhere in "g_currentMission.environment". Examine it (list/print table) to find suitable items.

Patrick Freye (Unknown) 11.05.2019 09:28
First, thanks for your answer.

Exactly this is my problem. I canĀ“t find a variable thats represent the current weatherType or any other way to find out it. Did you have another idea for me?

Gtx | Andy (GtX_Andy) 14.05.2019 03:31
Hey Patrick,

To find the current 'weatherType' you can use the following.

local environment = g_currentMission.environment
local weatherType =, environment.dayTime)

With this you can then do one of the following.

If you want to know then name of the weatherType you can use this.

local weatherTypeName = g_weatherTypeManager:getWeatherTypeNameByIndex(weatherType)

If you want a certain operation for this weatherType then you could compair it like this.

if weatherType == WeatherType.RAIN then
-- Your Code Here

The Base Game weatherTypes are as follows


'WeatherType' is equal to 'g_weatherTypeManager.nameToIndex' so any new types added will be available here. e.g WeatherType.SNOW (If added!)

If you want to check for available weatherTypes you can use this function.

local weatherTypes = g_weatherTypeManager:getWeatherTypes()

I hope this helps ;-)


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