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Need some help/guide to creating ClearArea & LevelArea on a mod

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Created13.05.2019 12:15

Christopher Watmore (cwattyeso) 13.05.2019 12:15
I'm new to modding for Farming Simulator 19. I'm currently getting to grips with the Giants Editor by making a very simple but functional placeable. However for the life of me I can't figure out how to create the ClearArea and LevelArea stuff, so that when in game you purchase and place the object it'll remove the ground state and level the terrain for the player. I have tried copying transform groups from another placeable mod and trying to fit it to my own mod in the editor, and then in the mods XML add the necessary node values and stuff. However in game when I place the object I don't get a nice rectangular area levelled around the object, but one with very wonky and wavy lines, plus on one side the clear area is a massive triangle that extends and expands quite a long way from the object.

Can anyone give me any help or assistance or point me to a guide that correctly shows how to setup and configure this aspect of the mod?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.05.2019 18:15
Areas in FS are defined by 3 points which describe a rectangle: start, width, height.
Usually the width and height are defined as subtransforms of start, so they need only an offset +x resp. +z.

Thomas A. (Unknown) 16.07.2019 01:24
How I can render "Areas"? Clear... Level... Ramp... same that "Toggle Render Field Areas"

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