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Rigid Wall around the map?

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Created03.06.2019 10:53

Patrik Berggren (Unknown) 03.06.2019 10:53

How can I create a rigid non-visible wall around the map, so vehicles don't go "over the edge" :)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.06.2019 11:15
Create (Primitives) a cube with rigid body and scale it to your needs. Lets say x = 0.01, y = 3, z = size of your map. Then 'freeze' scaling.
-> Rigid Body: Static, Collision
-> Shape: Non Renderable

This thing you create four times and place it at the limits of your map.

Patrik Berggren (Unknown) 04.06.2019 01:04

Now my vehicles are "boxed in"

To easy, to find out by myself :P

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