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Created05.06.2019 14:36

Andrew Hood (farmaholic2015) 05.06.2019 14:36
I have a question for Giants and, or a modder with more brain power than me lol.

Is it possible to have crop specific seeds for seeders and planters? Ex. Wheat seeds are required to plant wheat etc.

I have been rounding up mods and such for testing, and figured out a few problems. But as the saying goes"I have the cart before the horse"

The one thing I can't figure out is if anything has to be done to the map for this to function correctly, If this can even be done.

Any help would be appreciated as I don't waste too much time on it if it can't be done
Thanks again


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.06.2019 15:19
It can be done. But requires re-writing of several lua's and overworking all sowing-machine xml's.
And nobody will like this mod - because it makes the sowing procedure much more complicated. *g*

Andrew Hood (farmaholic2015) 06.06.2019 22:27
Cool, thanks for the reply. Its way over my head to do anyway lol. The being too complicated part is kind of odd considering the amount of whining most people do to lack of realism, oh well. Thanks again


Austin Reed (Unknown) 11.03.2020 00:17
I have a question for a modder, why isnt there any older john deere tractors on fs19 for xboxone

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