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Created15.06.2019 04:51

Unknown 15.06.2019 04:51
I created a small mod that places a trigger that allows you to sell wood too it. Basically I just want to cut with the chainsaw and sell the full trees (I know this is less money) - but I enjoy cutting with the saw.

Issue is, I have set the range high so I don't have to keep selling and re-placing the placeable. The problem lies with multiplayer, once trees on other farms are cut, there is no way to see what farm they are apart of. Therefore when I sell my logs it sells the cut logs on others farms as well.

Ideally if the chainsaw could automatically sell the wood right when it's cut I'd like that. But I'm pretty new at making these things.

Is there a way to either make a certain chainsaw auto sell after the log is cut? Or make the woodsellstation follow the player, and allow me to hit a key and sell all logs within say 1.5x scale?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.06.2019 08:41
Both is possible: a WoodSellTrigger which follows the player - or such one which is activated by a certain chainsaw.
However both requires modifications of either the WoodSellTrigger:update() or the Chainsaw:update() functions. That means you'll need custom LUA functions which you had to create yourself. You'll need enhanced knowledge of FS LUA script programming. I'm afraid nothing for people "pretty new at making these things".

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