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Error when I call printCallingFunctionLocation()

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Created15.06.2019 09:39

Haully Games (Unknown) 15.06.2019 09:39
I'm receiving an error when I call DebugUtil.printCallingFunctionLocation() function.

2019-06-15 03:23 dataS/scripts/debug/DebugUtil.lua(411) : attempt to index global 'debug' (a nil value)

This error case the game not load.

Looks like any kind of lua "debug" is not working.

Haully Games (Unknown) 21.06.2019 17:12
Any update about it?

Haully Games (Unknown) 27.06.2019 04:23
Any info that could help me?
Can we use "DebugUtil.printCallingFunctionLocation()" function??

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.06.2019 09:44
Maybe certain debug functions work with Giants' internal developer versions only.

Anyway for using debug make sure you have in "game.xml" <console enable="true"/> and <development><controls>true

You could also try experimenting with additional tags like eg. <debug>true within <development> or as stand-alone tag.

Other possibility: start the game with -debug parameter.

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