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Created18.06.2019 23:54

Jordan Baker (jlbaker4) 18.06.2019 23:54
I am getting the following warning when I load into my modded map. It is from the mapUS Sample mod.

Warning (physics): Non-cpu collision mesh for 'gate01' is being cooked at runtime - this will not work on consoles.

"gate01" is an animated object and it continues to start on the map in a random position. For example all of the gates will start slightly open and I have to close the gate before I can open it again (the first time I interact with them only). Any idea if these two are related and how to correct both of these issues?

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 29.06.2019 13:44
This warning comes with V1.4 update. Do you change the collision state of the gate in the game (active non-active)? Thats why the warning appears. To get rid of the warning you need to set the "CPU-Mesh" of the shape in the attributes.

And whats the other problem? The gate itself or the state (open/close) of the gate is in a random position?

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