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Fuel pump to give def and/or diesel

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Created22.06.2019 22:08

Storfirn 22.06.2019 22:08
I am try to edit the def pack mod (defStationPump) so the pumps will sell either def fuel or diesel. The problem I'm running into is it will only do one or the other.
Can a gas station pump do more than one item?

<buyingStation stationName="$l10n_station_defPump" appearsOnPDA="true" storageRadius="0" fillSoundIdentifier="fillSound01" hotspotImageName="GAS_STATION" showHotspotText="false">
<loadTrigger triggerNode="1" fillLitersPerSecond="25" autoStart="false" infiniteCapacity="true"/>
<fillType name="DEF" priceScale="1" />
<fillType name="Diesel" priceScale="1" />

This will only sell diesel
If I remove the diesel line it will sell def fuel
Any info would be helpful

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.06.2019 04:40
It does work with other fillTypes, so I don't see a reason why not with "DIESEL" and "DEF".
The only difference is that the vehicle's <fillUnit> for a specific fillType can be on different positions. You might have to move the vehicle for another fillType.

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