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FarmSilo doesn't save grain

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Created28.06.2019 23:19

Roy Dallas (rlkjmt73) 28.06.2019 23:19
Hi everyone,
I'm making a map mod of my home farm, and I've run into a problem I can't figure out. I have placed the FarmSilo into my defaultitems.xml, along with the farm house. When I start a new game, the silo shows up, and there is grain in the silo. Then later, I save the game, exit, go back to the saved game, but there is no grain in the silo.
Can someone give me a little assistance.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.06.2019 05:28
Usually this comes from narrow other storages.
Avoid placing storages nearby.
Check in the xml's the 'storageRadius' and decrease them significantly. You can set it to zero if you don't plan storage extensions.

Roy Dallas (rlkjmt73) 01.07.2019 19:40
Thanks for responding Bilbo. I don't have any other storages nearby.
Also, which xml(s) do I check for the 'storageRadius'?

I've checked other map mods created by others, and I think I have all xml commands the same as theirs. But again my grain silos will not save when I save the game. A little confusing. I'm sure I'm missing something small and/or just got something totally screwed up...ha.

Thanks again.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.07.2019 20:08
The storageRadius is in the same xml of the silo which you place by the defaultItems.
<loadingStation .. storageRadius="nn" ..
If it isn't defined explicitely, a default of 50 (meters) is taken. That often interferes with other storages nearby.

Notice that not only silos count as storage, but also objects like the animal husbandries (food, water, etc.).

If you can exclude near storages, there's something wrong with your xml. In this case compare accurately with a standard silo xml.

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