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Cannot update patch 1.4

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Created29.06.2019 11:52

Tony Portnall (tjp14) 29.06.2019 11:52
I was having problems with a map after patch 1.4. My game is on the Steam platform, so I rolled back to patch 1.3 (RIGHT CLICK GAME- PROPERTIES- BETAS- LIST OF PATCHES- SELECT PATCH) to see if the issues with the map were good and they were.

But.... out of curiosity I noticed that in the game properties on Steam within the list of BETAS, the 1.4 patch is no longer there, so I am stuck with patch 1.3

Can I just download the 1.4 patch from another source and install? would this work, as the download states that they cannot be used with the Steam based version.
I hope someone can advise. Much appreciated.

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 29.06.2019 13:49
You have to log off from beta on the properties page of FS19.

Tony Portnall (tjp14) 29.06.2019 14:08
Ah ok thanks I will have a look. Cheers.

Tony Portnall (tjp14) 29.06.2019 14:16
That worked. obvious really, I guess sometimes we dont see things that we should lol. Thanks again.

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 29.06.2019 20:16
No Problem. And thats why we then ask for help in a forum, cause four eyes see more than two. :-)

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