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add specialization in patch 1.4

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Created05.07.2019 18:01

Robert Schmidt (Dor_Schmied) 05.07.2019 18:01
for me ist not possible to add a specialization in a mod since the patch 1.4 !in 1.3 it works fine and why can nobody help with that Problem?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.07.2019 20:09
Nobody can help you because nobody can know the code you have written.
If something doesn't work, in most cases the game log gives hints to fix errors.
Best bet: DL and examine mods which use added specs from Giants' ModHub - eg. hooklift/itRunner vehicles.

Afmodding (1DAFUL) 05.08.2019 22:57
Hi all!

The same problem for me.
I am building a vehicle with these features:
- crawler
- tipper
- reverse driving.

I set the <vehicle type="carFillable"> and everything was working well when I tested the model.

After the patch 1.4.1 installed, the reverse driving mode disapperaed.

Now..., there are two options:
I can set the <vehicle type="carFillable"> but the reverse driving mode does not working or...,
I can set the <vehicle type="tractorReverseDriving"> and the reverse driving mode comes alive but the tipper functions gone!

I tried the script "fs19vehicleSpecScript" in modeDesc.xml after the patch 1.4.1 installed, it was working only one time!!!! One night I tested the model and I was really happy the vehicle specialization working in modDesc file. And the next day (twilight zone!!!) I didn't touched anything in the script file just started the game, but the same problem came up again!!! Ohhh Dear!!!

<specialization name="fs19vehicleSpecScript" className="fs19vehicleSpecScript" filename="scripts/fs19vehicleSpecScript.lua"/>

<type name="Yanmar_C30R_2B" className="Vehicle" filename="$dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua">
<specialization name="aiImplement"/>
<specialization name="aiVehicle"/>
<specialization name="animatedVehicle"/>
<specialization name="articulatedAxis" />
<specialization name="attacherJoints"/>
<specialization name="baseMaterial" />
<specialization name="bunkerSiloCompacter"/>
<specialization name="connectionHoses"/>
<specialization name="cover"/>
<specialization name="crawlers"/>
<specialization name="cylindered"/>
<specialization name="dashboard" />
<specialization name="dischargeable"/>
<specialization name="drivable"/>
<specialization name="dynamicallyLoadedParts" />
<specialization name="enterable"/>
<specialization name="fillVolume"/>
<specialization name="foldable"/>
<specialization name="foliageBending"/>
<specialization name="fs19vehicleSpecScript"/>
<specialization name="honk"/>
<specialization name="ikChains"/>
<specialization name="lights"/>
<specialization name="motorized"/>
<specialization name="mountable"/>
<specialization name="powerTakeOffs" />
<specialization name="reverseDriving"/>
<specialization name="slopeCompensation" />
<specialization name="speedRotatingParts"/>
<specialization name="suspensions" />
<specialization name="tipOccluder" />
<specialization name="trailer"/>
<specialization name="washable"/>
<specialization name="wearable"/>
<specialization name="wheels"/>
<specialization name="wipers" />

In the game log.xml: Error: Unable to find vehicle type name 'FS19_Yanmar_C30R2B.Yanmar_C30R_2B'

I would really appreciate if anyone would help me, please!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.08.2019 00:44
LOL - nice - you have sorted the specs alphabetically. That's nonsense. The specs must be in a certain order because many/most specs have other specs as precondition.
Search here in forum for "vehicleTypes.xml" - it is posted few times.

And forget this foolish "fs19vehicleSpecScript" - do it manually to be sure it works also after an update.

Afmodding (1DAFUL) 06.08.2019 09:36
Thank you for your help Bilbo Beutlin

Sorted the specs alphabetically has not been a good idea. Problem solved! :)

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