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Where do i find the contents of all owned silos/storage?

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Created11.07.2019 06:06

Matt Vermeulen (mungoid) 11.07.2019 06:06
Likely a new modder mistake, but I have been flipping through the g_currentMission table printout for days and looking through other mods with no luck. I see several things on silos and storage but every one i try to access has nothing in it. Even things I see that show my current contents don't print anything out in game when i try with script.

I know there is already a silo mod out there (maybe its just FS17 still, idk) but where do i need to look to find all my owned silos and their contents?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.07.2019 22:34
See for reference LUADOC Objects -> Storage.
Let's say you have a pointer to a storage 'thisStorage'.
Then use the storage functions like eg. "thisStorage:getFillLevel(type)" to get the amount of certain fillType.
Or use the referenced variables like eg. "thisStorage.capacityPerFillType"

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