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How to create a new, empty x4/x16/x64 map.

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Created13.07.2019 04:15

Unknown 13.07.2019 04:15
Hi there,
I would like to build a map myself. I know how to edit an existing map with the GE but I'd like to start from scratch.
However I've not found a detailed tutorial on how to create an empty map that is x4/x16 or even x64 the size of an original map which I can then open with the GE and shape according to my plans.
I'm very reluctant to just downlaod an empty map from some website. On the one hand you never know what you get and on the other hand I'd like to expand my horizon a little.

Concluding: If anyone knows how to or knows a tutorial that explains the necessary steps on how to create a mod map from scratch that would be greatly appreciated.

Strapko Ml (Strapo19) 13.07.2019 11:27

Ernest Styczeń (Unknown) 22.09.2019 19:50
I dont know too, how to start making own map...

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.09.2019 23:17
I don't know about a guide to create multi-sized maps from scratch. However there are very much settings to change and all density/weight files to convert to larger size.
Best bet for beginners is downloading an empty map. Use a serious filehoster where mods have user comments. You'll see by the notes whether the map is ok or not.

If you have done you may compare the whole stuff vs. a default map to learn about.

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