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Created21.07.2019 01:37

Terry Lyle (Unknown) 21.07.2019 01:37
I have a trailer I converted from fs17 but when I back up the reverse spot light doesn't light up. The tractor one does but all that comes for the trailer is the static lights. It lights up if I add it to light Types to "0", so the spot light works it just doesn't light up when I add it to <reverseLight node=""/>. If anyone can help it would be great.

Nolan Carl (nolangene) 22.07.2019 15:21
It would help it you posted your xml's light section. However here is a light section. I am assuming your light is real since you state that it is a spot light. So you need to make sure that it is listed inside the realLights section. Shown in the code copied in the reverseLight is inside the realLight section and also inside the <high> </high> section. Post your code if the code section example I am showing you does not help. Thanks Here is the sample code
<state lightTypes="0"/>
<state lightTypes="0 1"/>
<light node="0>12|0|1|3" lightTypes="0" excludedLightTypes="2 3"/>
<light node="0>12|0|1|2" lightTypes="3"/>
<light node="0>12|0|1|1" lightTypes="0" excludedLightTypes="2 3"/>
<light node="0>12|0|1|0" lightTypes="3"/>
<light node="0>12|0|3|0" lightTypes="0"/>
<light node="0>12|0|3|1" lightTypes="0"/>
<brakeLight node="0>12|0|5|0"/>
<brakeLight node="0>12|0|5|1"/>
<turnLightLeft node="0>12|0|2|1"/>
<turnLightLeft node="0>12|0|2|3"/>
<turnLightRight node="0>12|0|2|0"/>
<turnLightRight node="0>12|0|2|2"/>
<reverseLight node="0>12|0|4|0"/>
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>0|21" lightTypes="0"/>
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>0|9|1" lightTypes="0"/>
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>0|10|1" lightTypes="0"/>
<switchLight template="SWITCH_01" linkNode="0>"/>
<turnLight template="SWITCH_TURNLIGHT" linkNode="0>"/>


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