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Cotton Roundbale Size

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Created26.07.2019 20:32

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 26.07.2019 20:32
does anyone know the size of the new cotton round bales? The bales are supported by the giants autoload function, but without the exact size (diameter and width) I cannont implement them into my autoload mods. And since the DLC is encrypted there is no chance to look into the files from the cotton autoloader.

Caio Zwicker (CaioAlves) 14.08.2019 14:23
it's 2.38m wide and long

Nolan Carl (nolangene) 19.08.2019 18:33
Does anyone know the baleType line for the JD roundbaleCotton?
<baleType isRoundBale="true" width="2.38" diameter="2.38" />
Does not work with fillTypes="roundBale"
Something custom in the line for the JD or am I doing something wrong.
Here is my entire fillUnit and baleLoader section
<fillUnit unit="$l10n_unit_bale" fillTypes="roundBale" capacity="8"/>
<fillUnit unit="$l10n_unit_literShort" showOnHud="false" showInShop="false" fillTypes="diesel" capacity="1500">
<dashboard displayType="ANIMATION" valueType="fillLevel" animName="fuelDisplay" groups="MOTOR_ACTIVE"/>
<fillUnit unit="$l10n_unit_literShort" showOnHud="false" showInShop="false" fillTypes="air" capacity="4500"/>
<baleLoader alwaysMoveBalePlaces="false" transportPositionAfterUnloading="true" automaticUnloading="false" resetEmptyRotateAnimation="true">
<grabber grabNode="baleJoint" triggerNode="baleTrigger" pickupRange="8">
<grabParticleSystem disableDuration="0.6" position="-2 0.6 4.7" rotation="0 0 0" file="$data/particleSystems/shared/threshingStrawParticles.i3d"/>
<balePlaces startBalePlace="balePlaces">
<balePlace node="balePositionsJoint1"/>
<baleType isRoundBale="true" width="2.38" diameter="2.38" />

Nolan Carl (nolangene) 19.08.2019 21:57
Update got it working here is the line that worked
<baleType minBaleDiameter="2.35" maxBaleDiameter="2.4" minBaleWidth="2.35" maxBaleWidth="2.4" />

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