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How to create a "Vehicle Selling Point" ?

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Created28.07.2019 17:49

Tim Slane (Slimtane) 28.07.2019 17:49
I have recently downloaded the Windchaser map and there is no vehicle sell point on the map! There is supposed to be one at the store, but it does not work. How do I create a new/working Vehicle Selling Point? I tried using the method in ShyWizard's video for other sale points and that did not work. I also tried using the "Workshop Tabber" mod and placing a workshop on my farm - and I cannot get the mod to work. It was a 30 second thing to create in FS17 - must be much different now!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.07.2019 19:07
The "sellingStationVehicles" are embedded by the "defaultItems.xml".
Take a Giants' map, copy the sellingStationVehicles.xml into your map and add it in your "defaultItems.xml".

Tim Slane (Slimtane) 28.07.2019 21:02
Can you go into more detail on file location and how to do this? I'm on the Steam Edition and cannot find where the base maps are with the "defaultItems.xml". The Windchaser map only seems to have an ""mapItems.xml". I added the line:

<item rotation="0 0 0" position="-534 82.1 703.5" filename="data/placeables/mapUS/sellingStationVehicles/sellingStationVehicles.xml" className="Workshop" mapBoundId="sellingStationVehicles"/>

And nothing changed in the map.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.07.2019 23:28
The item file may have a different name. You identify it in the modDesc.xml
<maps> <map ... defaultItemsXMLFilename=...

Of course the translation and rotation values must be adapted to your map. Import the i3d into your map, place it properly and memorize the translation/rotation (don't save the map). These values you insert in the items file.

And certainly you must begin a new game/career to make the changes effective.

Tim Slane (Slimtane) 29.07.2019 06:21
That worked! Thank you! - That got the map closer to being a playable career map!

Diego De Almeida Menezes (Unknown) 20.10.2020 21:03
i've search on various sites but with no success. The giants tutorial for this are obsolete, and dont work's in this version of the game/editor.

Diego De Almeida Menezes (Unknown) 20.10.2020 21:03

Diego De Almeida Menezes (Unknown) 20.10.2020 21:03

Kungfugamer (FunkyMunkee) 20.07.2021 13:58
Like Tim, I've downloaded Australian Farms map which doesn't have a vehicle selling point. I've followed the instructions above however the vehicle selling point does not work (I have successfully fix a grain sell point on the map with a missing trigger using similar method to above).

I have done the following:

- added this script to "defaultItems.XML" <item mapBoundId="sellingStationVehicles" className="SellingStationPlaceable" filename="data/placeables/mapUS/sellingStationVehicles.xml" position="-275.868 89.016 1334.93" rotation="180 90 180" /> (Position and Rotation ex the Attributes window from GE)

- modDESC.xml has this script in "<maps> </maps>" <map id="SampleModMap" className="ModMap" filename="ModMap.lua" configFilename="maps/mapAustralianFarms19.xml" defaultVehiclesXMLFilename="defaultVehicles.xml" defaultItemsXMLFilename="defaultItems.xml">

I've re-zipped the map and copied it to the mods folder. Tried in existing career (other changes to the map always work without creating a new career) and tried a new career. Still doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

Looking at other maps, they quite often have workshop.xml, is this required to make the vehicleSellingPoint work?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.07.2021 14:16
No, you didn't follow the instructions above.
The className="SellingStationPlaceable" is wrong, must be className="Workshop".

Kungfugamer (FunkyMunkee) 20.07.2021 14:34
My bad.... changed className to "Workshop". Still doesn't work. :/

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.07.2021 16:49
*sigh* Did you ever look into default game files? Obviously not.
Also the path to xml is wrong. Why didn't you follow the post above?
Take this:
<item mapBoundId="sellingStationVehicles" className="Workshop" filename="data/placeables/mapUS/sellingStationVehicles/sellingStationVehicles.xml" position=".." rotation=".." />

Kungfugamer (FunkyMunkee) 21.07.2021 13:30
Thanks Mate, works now. Pays not to code after 12 hour wk day.

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