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Turn Signals Won't Flash

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Created28.07.2019 21:10

Trevor Collins (xXTheStig24Xx) 28.07.2019 21:10
I wanted to change out the turn signals on a tractor for the legit ones, and I have gotten them to light up, but not flash. Not sure if I am missing a step here, but here is the light section of the xml.

<state lightTypes="0"/>
<state lightTypes="0 1"/>
<state lightTypes="0 1 2"/>
<light node="frontLightLow" lightTypes="0" />
<light node="PaalLightsLow" lightTypes="0" />
<light node="PaalLightsLow2" lightTypes="0" />
<light node="workLightFrontLow" lightTypes="1"/>
<light node="workLightFrontLow1" lightTypes="2"/>
<light node="workLightFrontLow2" lightTypes="2"/>
<light node="frontLightHigh" lightTypes="0"/>
<light node="PaalLightsHigh" lightTypes="0"/>
<light node="PaalLightsHigh2" lightTypes="0"/>
<light node="workLightFrontHigh1" lightTypes="1"/>
<light node="workLightFrontHigh2" lightTypes="2"/>
<light node="workLightFrontHigh3" lightTypes="2"/>
<turnLightLeft node="turnLightLeftFront"/>
<turnLightLeft node="turnLightLeftBack"/>
<turnLightRight node="turnLightRightFront"/>
<turnLightRight node="turnLightRightBack"/>
<turnLightLeft node="turnLightLeftUnder"/>
<turnLightRight node="turnLightRightUnder"/>
<brakeLight node="backLightsHigh1"/>
<reverseLight node="reverseLight"/>
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|20|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|21|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|22|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|23|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|24|0" lightTypes="0" />
<!--defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|2|0|3|0|0|0" lightTypes="0" /> Clean This!
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|2|0|3|1|0|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|2|1|3|0|0|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|2|1|3|1|0|0" lightTypes="0" />

<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|23|0|0|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|23|1|0|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|23|2|0|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|23|3|0|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|21|0|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|22|0|0" lightTypes="0" /> ^ -->
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|25|0|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|26|0|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|27|0|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|28|0|0" lightTypes="0" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|29|0|0" lightTypes="1" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|30|0|0" lightTypes="1" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|31|0|0" lightTypes="1" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|32|0|0" lightTypes="1" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|33|0|0" lightTypes="1" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|34|0|0" lightTypes="1" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|35|0|0" lightTypes="2" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|36|0|0" lightTypes="2" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|37|0|0" lightTypes="2" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|38|0|0" lightTypes="2" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|39|0|0" lightTypes="2" />
<defaultLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|40|0|0" lightTypes="2" />

<brakeLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|21|0|1"/> <!-- Left -->
<brakeLight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|22|0|1"/> <!-- Right -->

<turnLightLeft shaderNode="coronasL"/>
<turnLightRight shaderNode="coronasR"/>
<turnLightLeft shaderNode="0>7|0|0|23|0|0|1"/> <!-- Left Front -->
<turnLightLeft shaderNode="0>7|0|0|23|1|0|0"/> <!-- Left Rear -->
<turnLightRight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|23|2|0|1"/> <!-- Right Front -->
<turnLightRight shaderNode="0>7|0|0|23|3|0|0"/> <!-- Right Rear -->
<turnLightRight shaderNode="0>7|2|0|3|1|0|0"/> <!-- Right Side Light Rear Plate -->
<turnLightRight shaderNode="0>7|2|0|3|0|0|0"/> <!-- Right Side Light Front Plate -->
<turnLightRight shaderNode="0>7|2|1|3|1|0|0"/> <!-- Left Side Light Rear Plate -->
<turnLightRight shaderNode="0>7|2|1|3|0|0|0"/> <!-- Left Side Light Front Plate -->

<reverseLight shaderNode="1>6|0|8|0|0"/>
<reverseLight shaderNode="1>6|0|9|0|0"/>
<reverseLight shaderNode="1>6|3|4|2|0|0"/>
<reverseLight shaderNode="1>6|3|4|3|0|0"/>

Let me know if you need more of the xml file. I also made some side notes in there for myself, so I hope I don't confuse anyone. Thanks in advance!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.07.2019 23:35
Most probably the material is not suitable for the used shader.
You could try with legacy textures and shaders from "data/fs17support/.."

Trevor Collins (xXTheStig24Xx) 29.07.2019 03:14
So for some odd reason, I was using the "rearLightOvalOrange_01" for the blinker. Apparently it isn't setup for blinkers. So I just used another light. But thank you for helping!

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